Zulu Marketing Logo

Final Zulu Logo Established in 2008 by an unemployed white guy and a washed up high school athlete, Zulu Marketing specializes in selling products and services through cost-per-acquisition marketing channels including online affiliates and live seminars.  When explaining their business to their mothers they say, “We sell stuff online.”  This year Zulu’s products resulted in over $25,000,000 dollars in revenue for their partners.  In recent months Zulu opened up their marketing channels to clients and due to plain old dumb luck they have already acquired 5 new clients with more waiting in the wings.  Zulu expects to make a bazillion dollars next year with which they will buy a private jet to whisk them away to exotic locations all over the world and Utah.  They are currently looking to hire somebody with mafia ties who knows something about “offshore accounts.” Zulu Marketing, LLC 691 West 1200 North Suite 100 Springville, Utah 84663

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